Service: In the words of military veterans

Date/Time: Friday 6 July, 2018 - 7:30pm

Date/Time End: Friday 6 July, 2018 - 8:30pm

Venue: Eldon Building 1.10 (Screening Room), Winston Churchill Avenue.

Duration: 50 minutes. Wine reception to follow.

The event will be free to attend.

What does it mean to serve one’s country? What are the challenges that servicemen and women face in their lives as soldiers? And what are the next steps in their lives after the military? On July 6, military veterans from the Portsmouth community will share their thoughts in an unscripted and uncensored performance that aims to challenge preconceived notions of who serves, and why. Join us for a thought provoking evening that brings together veterans of the British Armed Forces who have been deployed around the world for an engaging conversation about community, and what it means to serve.

“Service: In the words of military veterans” is a storytelling event that fuses public history and performance. RAF veteran and “Service” performer Dr. Peter Lee, who served as a chaplain in the Royal Air Force before becoming Reader at the University of Portsmouth, has long advocated for the power of sharing stories of service. He says this work is vital to the community because, “when the costs of war are added up they are measured in pounds and pence, and in the number of those who died. What goes unseen and unspoken are the invisible costs of damaged minds and changed lives. The veterans’ narratives project recognises the price of military service and encourages audiences to remember that, for some, war casts a long and permanent shadow.”

The project is directed by Dr. Erika Hughes, Senior Lecturer in drama and performance at the University of Portsmouth. Her work as a director has been seen on stages in the United States, Israel, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Pakistan. Hughes’ series of veteran narrative performances began in the US state of Arizona in 2013, and has also been performed in New York and Boston. This will be the first iteration to take place in the UK, and with British veterans.

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