Portsmouth R User Group

Date/Time: Tuesday 19 June, 2018 - 6:00pm

Date/Time End: Tuesday 19 June, 2018 - 7:45pm

Venue: 1st Floor FTC, Portland Building University of Portsmouth

Presenter: Andrie de Vries of RStudio, who will be talking about Tensor Flow with RStudio

link to eventbrite: Portsmouth R User Group 19 June 2018, 6 – 8pm

The second meeting of the Portsmouth User Group will be held in the FTC on Tuesday, 19 June. 
     6 pm :  Registration & networking
6.20 pm:  Introduction
6.30 pm:  Andrie de Vries of R Studio  will talk about Tensor Flow and RStudio
      7 pm:  Johannes Hechler of ONS, will share more of his R experiences.
7.30 pm:  Close of talks networking until 8pm

Refreshments will be provided but registration through link essential.

To Book

Contact: Caroline Kovacs

Email: caroline.kovacs@port.ac.uk

link to eventbrite: Portsmouth R User Group 19 June 2018, 6 - 8pm

Contact details for more information

Name: Caroline Kovacs

Email: caroline.kovacs@port.ac.uk

Futher Information

The R Statistical programming language is a popular open source tool for statistical analysis.  Increasing numbers of researchers and businesses are using R and there is a growing network of R User Groups enabling techniques and new developments to be shared. With the support of Nick Savage and Jim Briggs, I have set up the Portsmouth R User Group as the nearest group to Portsmouth is in London.  The London R User Group provides a forum for business and industry users to mingle with academics and PhD students, sharing problems and solutions.  The Portsmouth R User Group provides R users on the South Coast with a similar opportunity and we have teamed up with Mango Solutions (who run the London R Group amongst others) so that we can provide a varied and interesting series of talks on the use of R.

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