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Mental Wellbeing Check

Staff can book a Mental Health check with the University’s Mental Health Nurse, who works as part of the Occupational Health team.

This is being offered in conjunction with raising awareness of Time to Change’s Time To Talk Day on 6 February 2020.

Your mental health

Mental health problems affect one in four people and symptoms can come on so gradually that you may not have noticed the signs. If you recognise some of the symptoms below and are concerned, it may help to talk to someone about your feelings:

  • Changes in your appetite
  • Not enjoying life as much as usual
  • Thinking negative thoughts
  • Irritability or mood swings
  • Finding it hard to concentrate
  • Perceiving things differently to others
  • Trouble sleeping

Book a Mental Health Check

To make a confidential 30-minute appointment with our Mental Health nurse, please ring extension 3187. The Nurse will be able to advise whether it would be helpful to access some further form of therapy or see your GP if medication may be indicated or need to be reviewed. She will also be able to discuss with you the poor and positive lifestyle choices that can influence mental health.

For colleagues who’d like to start a conversation about mental health in their team – a ‘Sussed’ card game can be accessed and downloaded as part of Time to Talk Day or perhaps take the Mental Health Quiz.

Mental health courses are available to staff at the Solent Recovery College in the Students’ Union building.

Helping others

If you’d like to help others, Time to Talk Day has some top tips:

  • Starting a conversation doesn’t have to be awkward and it could make a huge difference.
  • You don’t have to be an expert – you don’t need all the answers. Just being there means a lot.
  • Ask questions and listen – asking questions shows that you care and want to know how someone’s really doing.
  • Keep it simple – Small actions can make a big difference. Chat over a cuppa, take a walk or send a text.
    Don’t try and fix it – resist the urge to offer quick fixes. Often just listening is enough.

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