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Try a new gym this year and get this month free

Work well. Be well.

The new year can be tricky; resolutions, setting the alarm and getting back to work, remembering where you left things before the break. Let us help you be well this January.

Join the University gym now and get the rest of January free on our monthly Staff Deduction Memberships. Simply use your payroll number, £17.99 will then be taken out of your pay at the end of February. Quick easy and you can get in the gym or classes straight away.


Our monthly memberships include

  • Unlimited gym use
  • Over 70 fitness classes a week in term time
  • Racket sports
  • Free workshops to help you this January including our ‘Learn to Eat Well’ workshop
  • You’ll also benefit from free access to our fitness and nutrition tracking app ‘UOP Gym’ (worth £60) to help you through your fitness journey in addition to our booking app ‘UOP Sport’ allowing you to book classes or courts from home, the library or anywhere.

If you’re new to the gym or returning after a while we have fitness programmes pre designed in the ‘UOP Gym’ App, or we can design a bespoke programme for you. You’ll benefit from discounted courses including fitpole, mindfulness and pilates to name a few.

We understand you’ll have different ways of working so here are five tips to help you this January.

  • Find your ideal time: We open at 7am, perfect for a workout, parking space and time to be at your desk for 8.30am. We’re here at lunch, with short 30 or 45 minute classes allowing you to workout, grab some lunch and be back in 1 hour 10. Later workouts more your thing, come straight after work before you head home for the day.
  • Exercise with a colleague: We have lots of staff visit us and workout throughout the day, with many staff that love our lunchtime classes. Find a colleague and join them, even if it’s for the first few sessions.
  • Put your workout in your calendar: Plan your workouts like they’re part of your work week. Put them in your calendar to stop last minute meetings interrupting your planned workouts.
  • Make one small change and build: Don’t make wholesale changes, which can cause us to fail. Change one thing at a time. Exercise and move more, then build to eating well.
  • Find something you enjoy: It’s not all about the gym and classes, racket sports are included in your membership. Challenge a colleague to a game of badminton, courts are free to book for members.

It can be a daunting time of year, so let us help you take small steps. Work Well. Be Well.

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