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Student recruitment upgrade after successful integration of new systems

University of Portsmouth staff welcome students on an Open Day

Student recruitment at Portsmouth is becoming more unified, efficient and sophisticated after the successful integration of two new systems. 

Our new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Salesforce, was successfully integrated with the new Student Records System, SITS, in October 2019 to help prospective students choose Portsmouth as their university.  

Teams in Marketing, Recruitment & Outreach and Global have been using CRM since spring 2019 to nurture and personalise communications with prospective students from the UK and globally, through a variety of channels, and store these interactions in a single online repository. 

The integration between CRM and SITS has enabled us to use live applicant data to ensure that the most current information will be used to create a full picture of applicants through different stages of their applications from school/college engagement to university registration.  

These activities are building a single customer view and enables us to make evidence-based decisions to see what marketing and recruitment activities influenced students to make an application and eventually accept an offer. 

CRM is being piloted in the Faculty of Business and Law and work is now underway to extend this to the other Faculties.

The second phase of the CRM programme has also started and is focusing on enhancing our relationships with contacts for Alumni and Advancement, Research and Innovation and Business to Business. Further phases will be subject to business case submissions.

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