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Registering to vote in the upcoming general election

If you aren’t on the electoral roll, you may not be able to vote at your university address in the upcoming general election on Thursday 12 December.

The University encourages you to register to vote on the Government’s website, if you haven’t already done so. The deadline to be added to the electoral roll is Tuesday 26 November.

Having your say on local and national issues that affect you is important. Being on the electoral roll also improves your credit score for the future.

Registering yourself to vote

You can register to vote at two addresses (i.e. at home and at university), but you may only vote in one place. There’s more information online about how this works.

If you’re not able to attend the polling station on the day of the election, you can vote by post or by ‘proxy’. There’s also more information online about this.

UK, Irish and certain Commonwealth citizens are eligible to vote in the general election. Other Commonwealth and EU citizens are also eligible to vote in other elections and public votes. Find out which elections you are eligible to vote in here.

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  1. On top of this, if you have had your legal name changed (be it because of marriage, safety, or from being transgender and/or non-binary), you will need to re-register including your new and previous name in the application. This is easier to do via the online form.

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