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Designs for new University academic building unveiled

The shortlisted designs for the new University academic building next to Victoria Park have been revealed for staff and student feedback.

Five international architects were shortlisted to proceed to the next stage of the RIBA International Design Competition in July.

Design A
Design C
Design E
Design B
Design D

About the new academic building

The new building on the site of the former Victoria Swimming Baths will bring together the Faculty of Business and Law with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The new building will also provide student support services, general administrative space and public space on the ground floor.

A panel comprising senior University staff and a Governor will evaluate the design submissions and select the successful multi-disciplinary design team at the end of this month.

The new building is part of the University’s ambitious £400 million Estate Masterplan to be delivered over the next 10 years, including a new indoor Sports Facility in Ravelin Park.

The winning design should be announced by the end of November.

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  1. This is an exciting development for the University and it would be reassuring to know that the panel to evaluate the designs will acknowledge the expertise of the University’s own School of Architecture, as it did when putting together its 10-year Estate Masterplan.

  2. I like the way that Proposals 1 and 4 flow into Victoria Park. It will provide a green space where staff and students can have the opportunity to integrate with the general Portsmouth Community as they too enjoy and use the Park.

  3. Design C is the only distinctive, modern jaw dropping design. The rest don’t seem very memorable or impressive at all.

  4. I like B the most. It’s interesting to look at and at the same time seems to blend in well with its environment.

    I like the idea of C but would want to see what it looks like from the ground (which is, after all, where I’d be viewing it from). I’d also like to see what E looks like in the daytime. I hope we’ll get more images at some point.

  5. Is there an opportunity for the boards to be displayed online? As a former student of Portsmouth School of Architecture, it would be good to keep in touch and hear about these exciting plans.

  6. Surely it is impossible to give any opinion unless we see all designs from all angles. We must think about how these buildings impact aesthetically on the local population and what looks nice from one direction may look terrible from another

  7. It’s really difficult to pick out one design over the other. Though C looks more elegant and unique.

  8. I prefer C although as other comments have mentioned, all angles must be considered. However, I would like to see portsmouth uni lead in the new development of environmentally conscientious development. With the aim of durability, environmental impact, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. The last point I feel is all too often forgotten in designs. Buildings can’t look after themselves!

  9. For me it’s design C without a shadow of doubt.
    The rest are not distinctive.
    It looks as though C will cater much for the environment as well and would be a big selling point too.

  10. I’m genuinely not so fussed by the exterior – as long as it is clean, sustainable and easy to maintain (what about solar panels for all windows, etc.). What matters is (a) building size, and (b) the interior – especially one very neglected area, which is full accessibility for people with disabilities, together with sufficient teaching space (or suitable size), and proper consideration to academic working space/wellbeing – open plan is not suitable if you’re trying to read, write lectures, research, meet with students, etc.

  11. Its difficult to make a judgement from an artists impression, but a key evaluation criteria must be how well the building and its landscaping will fit with the existing Victoria Park facility. The park is a well loved green space in the middle of a congested city and any new build most be very sympathetic to this, if it is to be accepted by the non university population in the city.

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