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Free TOTUM discount cards available for University staff

Staff will be able to claim a year’s free TOTUM discount card – including 10% off at the Co-op – after successful negotiations between the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union (UPSU) and the National Union of Students (NUS), which runs the discount scheme.

Initially it appeared that the staff offer wouldn’t be available this year after students voted to disaffiliate from the NUS.

However, UPSU have recently reached an agreement that income from the TOTUM cards will still go to Students’ Union to support our students here at Portsmouth.

As the cards are valued by staff – with 1,050 colleagues claiming their cards last year – the University has decided to fund staff TOTUM cards for an additional year.

Colleagues will be able to claim a free 1 year card, or a £12 discount on a 2 or 3 year card, with a voucher code.

Receiving the voucher code

All staff can request a voucher code for the purchase of a card, granting access to more than 200 discounts available at many shops and restaurants including 10% off at the Co-op and up to 40% off at ASK Italian, via The Students’ Union.

This can be done by emailing or visiting reception in The Students Union building.

Once a code is received, staff will be able to order their Totum card online and arrange for delivery to the Students’ Union shop or an alternative address.

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  1. Please may I have my new Totum card?

  2. Dear Staff
    Can I have the voucher for Totum card please.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi. When I input my code, it automatically selects the 1 year card with 18+ pass ID and I cannot change this. I haven’t heard back from Totum yet, but at the moment it looks like only the 1 year duration is available.

    • Please email for support


      • Hi. I finally heard back from TOTUM (UPSU referred me to them) and they said that the codes relate to a specific product only, which for us is the 1 year with Pass ID, so we cannot get a 2 or 3 year card (you may want to update the article.) They also sent me instructions on how to bypass the Pass ID part if we don’t want it, which I can send on if that helps.

  4. could i have a new Totum card code. Please

    • As per the instructions above, please email Thanks.

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