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Welfare Walkabout: What support can you get from the University?

The University’s Welfare Walkabout, formerly known as the Welfare Knock, will be taking place during the weeks beginning 7 and 14 October.

During these weeks, between 4.00pm and 7.00pm, staff volunteers will be visiting you in your halls to check everyone is okay and talk to you about the support and wellbeing services that are available to you.

Bernie Topham, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor said: “The welfare of our students is important to the University and our staff, which is why we’re proud to run this campaign to make sure that students are aware of the support available to them while they adjust to life at university.”

Staff will be visiting University owned halls, Unite, Unilife, Hello Student and Student Housing Company Halls.

Contacting support and wellbeing services

If you would like some advice or support, numbers you may find useful are:

  • Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC): 023 9284 3462
  • Campus Security (emergency): 023 9284 3418
  • Chaplaincy: 023 9284 3030
  • Residence Life Team: 023 9284 3789 / 4578 / 3924 (office hours are 11.30am–8.00pm)
    • Alternatively, email or visit them at Bateson Hall Support Suite. Outside of office hours, please call 023 9284 3418
  • Sport and Recreation: 023 9284 5555
  • Student Housing: 023 9284 3214
  • Student Finance Centre: 023 9284 3014
  • Students’ Union Advice Service:023 9284 3478
  • Student Wellbeing Service: 023 9284 3466
  • UoP Global: 023 9284 3488

Information about all these services is on your student website:

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