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University cafes set to go cashless

Cafes across the University are set to go cashless from 1 October. This will mean:

  • Quicker transactions and less queuing for customers at busy times.
  • A reduction in the environmental impact and cost of securely transporting physical cash.
  • Savings on administration costs, wither fewer paper forms to fill.

Payment will only be accepted by cashless methods including debit card and credit card, or phone apps such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

University Library cafe

Rise in cashless payments

People aged under 34 are four times more likely to carry a phone than cash. Across the UK the use of cash is in decline – since 2008, cash payments have fallen by 60%, and experts predict that by 2028 fewer than one in ten payments will be made in notes and coins.

At the University, the proportion of cashless payments has risen from 58% in 2017 to 74% in 2019.

Catering Services piloted a cashless system in April and May in Portland, The Hub and the Library and received no negative feedback during that time. Staff and students can also use their Staff and Student ID cards for the University’s Food on Campus Loyalty Scheme and use points to pay for food or claim free hot drinks.  

There are also other nearby shops and restaurants that still accept cash, including the Co-operative shop in the Student’s Union building.

Cafes at other universities including Lancaster and Reading have already moved to a cashless only system.

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  1. The cafes have been cash free for ages, its only now you tell us, also is there a way of me putting credit on my staff card to use at the till.

    • Hi Carl,

      Some catering units undertook a cashless trial at the end of last term from 2.00pm till close, to iron out any problems before we switched over to total cashless. This maybe what you encountered.

      At the moment we are unable to load credit on to the staff cards but its some thing were looking into.

      – Catering Services

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