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How the University Library plans to serve you better

The University Library has published a series of ambitious service level enhancements to cut down waiting times and offer you a faster, sleeker, easier experience.  

Enhancements include:

  • Any changes to opening times will be announced at least a month in advance
  • At least 75% of books will be reshelved within one working day
  • You should wait no longer than 3 minutes to be helped at any open service point
  • Phone calls to our staffed enquiries line will be answered within 1 minute during staffed hours
  • Emails to will receive an answer or a referral within 1 working day
  • Online chat enquiries will be answered on the same day and there will be no missed chats

Read more about our new library service standards.

We hope this renewed commitment to higher standards than ever before will make your study experience more efficient and easier than ever before.

You can also see our Library Charter that these enhancements support.

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