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Blood pressure checks for staff 9 – 15 September

Know Your Numbers Week 9 – 15 September 2019

High blood pressure is responsible for approximately 60% of strokes. The number of strokes among younger adults is increasing. As 9 out of 10 strokes are preventable people are being urged to check their blood pressure as part of Know Your Numbers Week – regardless of age

The only way to find out whether your blood pressure is raised is to have it checked!

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood in the arteries and if it is too high it puts strain on blood vessels, heart, brain, kidneys and eyes. If it is persistently high over a period of time and is not treated there will be more risk of stroke or heart attack, developing heart disease or failure, kidney disease and vascular dementia.

Approximately 1 in 4 adults in the UK have high blood pressure but do not know it.

What causes high blood pressure?

There may be no single cause, but lifestyle affects the risk of it developing, as well as other familial risk, age and ethnicity. Those over the age of 65, those of African or Caribbean descent and those who have a family history of high blood pressure are at greater risk.

Try to:

  • eat the recommended 5 a day of fruit and vegetables
  • reduce salt consumption (consider using the free, award winning FoodSwitch app to help
  • make healthier food choices)
  • increase physical activity
  • reach and maintain a healthy weight (click here for the BMI healthy weight chart)
  • reduce consumption of alcohol or caffeine-based drinks
  • get enough uninterrupted sleep

What should I do next?

The Occupational Health Service is running a blood pressure clinic throughout the week beginning 9 September 2019 for Know Your Numbers Week, in association with Blood Pressure UK.

If you would like to book a confidential 10 minute appointment slot with one of our nurses please call ext 3187. The nurse will advise you of your blood pressure reading and whether any further action should be taken.

If you would like further information on blood pressure, please visit:

Blood Pressure UK
British Heart Foundation
NHS Choices

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