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Deadline to complete your PDRs – 30 September

The deadline to complete your online PDR is Monday 30 September – that’s just four weeks to share your online form, have your PDR discussions and finalise your PDR content.

Many of you are already part way through the process but you will need to ensure that your PDR is agreed and finalised by both the Reviewer and Reviewee (and the Commenter, if applicable) by 30 September.

Please ensure you check the status of your online PDR form by logging in to the system and checking ‘Status’ and ‘Next Action’ on the ‘Me’ tab or viewing the form itself.

You may find it necessary to contact your Reviewer, Reviewee or Commenter to remind them to finalise the process. All Reviewers can check the status of their Reviewees’ online PDR form via the ‘My Linked People’ tab.

Further resources to guide you through the process are all available on the PDR web pages including user guides, video tutorials, guidance notes and FAQs, and don’t forget your Departmental Expert Users.

The new online PDR process was launched on 1 April and 58% of University staff have already used the online PDR form.

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