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Changes to how we listen and respond to student feedback

A new Student Voice Policy and new course and module questionnaires will strengthen our commitment to working in partnership with students.

The Student Voice Policy and Operational Annex have been developed in consultation with staff and the Students’ Union. They clarify how we value and respond to student opinion about their learning and wider university experience. The policy embodies the partnership which was set out in the Education Strategy and in our co-created Student Charter.

Some of the changes to highlight include:

  • We aim to hear the opinions of all of our students
  • Updated Course and Module Questionnaires
  • Student Staff Consultative Committees (SSCCs) renamed Student Voice Committees
  • Faculty Forum renamed Faculty Student Forum
  • Students must be informed in a timely way about the outcomes of questionnaires and the actions being taken to address any issues arising
  • Feedback obtained and the resulting changes from module mid-point reviews should be reported at Faculty Student Voice Committees
  • Agreed role description for the position of Course Representative
  • Reducing the number of surveys – all requests about other surveys of 250 students or more and/or across more than one Department/School must seek the permission of the Student Survey Request Group via

This year we will gather feedback from students on the new Curriculum 2019 Courses and Modules through an online version of EvaSys, which will enable staff to collect feedback in class and respond to it interactively.

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