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New car parking permit application process

The new car parking policy will be effective from 1 September 2019. A summary of the key changes is as follows:

  • Only one permit will be provided per applicant
  • An exclusion zone of 2 miles will be implemented
  • Exemptions from exclusion zone exist for those with caring responsibilities and those with contractual obligations to work unsocial hours
  • Cost of permits has changed and is phased in over three years for staff on grades 1 to 6
  • Car share permits are available

Follow the link for the full car parking policy.

Current car parking permits will be withdrawn on 1 September 2019 and staff, students, tenants and contractors will be required to apply for new permits provided that they meet requirements. Current permits should be returned to the estates helpdesk on the ground floor of Mercantile House by 14 September 2019.

Applications will be accepted for new permits with immediate effect. Individual applications forms and car share application forms are available online.

Please allow 14 days for permit applications to be processed. You will be required to collect your new permit from the estates helpdesk in Mercantile House and show your current driving licence to evidence your address and provide documentary evidence if you are requesting exemption from the exclusion zone.

Applications for car share permits must be made by the staff member on the higher grade and completed and signed by both staff members. Staff members who currently hold a permit will receive an email with both an individual application form and a car share application form.

For those staff who are away from the university until the start of the new academic year applications may be made online and permits will be available for collection at the estates helpdesk on your return provided that you bring all documentary evidence with you for collection. Please allow 14 days from submission of your application until collection of your permit. If staff are on holiday and are unable to get their forms back in time, please don’t worry as we can be flexible and can discuss arrangements on your return.

Payments for permits will be made in the usual manner with deduction from net salary other than car share permits where the staff member on the higher grade will make the payment and car sharer(s) will make local arrangements for contribution to their lead car share partner.

Scratch cards

Current scratch cards will be withdrawn on 1 September 2019. New scratch cards may be purchased at cost of £5/day up to a maximum number of 10 per annum for business use and to enable staff to bring their cars to work for medical appointments.

Current scratch cards are not available for bulk purchase and therefore no refunds are available to anyone holding a bulk supply of current scratch cards.

For any queries please email

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