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New Learning at Work partnership launched in Malaysia

The University of Portsmouth has launched a new partnership with Brickfield Asia College (BAC) in Malaysia to allow learners at BAC to progress to the University’s Learning at Work  degree programme. 

This partnership marks the first time that such a programme is introduced in Malaysia.

Standing (left to right):  Esharry Ravindran – Programme Coordinator (Digital Transformation Academy, BAC Education), Raymond Markus – Senior Lecturer and Senior Manager (School of Accountancy, BAC Education), Adele Wong – Regional Director, South East & East Asia (UoP), Theresa Wong – Operations Executive (BAC Education). Sitting: 
Michelle Juchau – Programme Leader (UoP Learning at Work)
Raja Singham – Managing Director (BAC Education)

The partnership was officially launched at a special event at BAC’s PJ Campus last week.  It was attended by Adele Wong Regional Director for the University of Portsmouth and Michelle Juchau, Principal Lecturer at our Learning at Work Department.

BAC students studying for a diploma or higher diploma (which will need to be the equivalent of the first two years of an undergraduate degree) can progress to the Learning at Work programme on the University’s BA (Hons) Business degree to complete the final year.  BAC will allocate the student, a work placement with a local employer or within their group of companies and they will be able to study for the 120 credits via distance learning with Learning at Work within 12 months. This allows the students to gain real skills and experience in a workplace environment while also studying for final year of a degree programme.

Students who are not studying at BAC but who have completed the equivalent of the first two years of an undergraduate degree can also apply for this programme. The University will map their qualifications and experience to ensure that it is the equivalent of the first two years of a degree.

Mr Thanabalasingam Balakrishnan, Senior Manager (BAC Communications, Engagement & Strategic Partnerships), with Sandra Anne Ghouse, Managing Director (3E Training & Education).

With employment and employability skills being the imperative for graduates, the Learning at Work programme brings together the academia and work in one place and prepares the students for their future careers.

Mike Punt, Director of Learning at Work, said: “This partnership brings together two dynamic organisations and allows the further growth of the Learning at Work department in allowing learners who are in work to study for their degree.  This dedication to lifelong learning is core to Learning at Work and the combination of work and study is a powerful tool to increase skills, experience and knowledge for the individual.” 

Mercy Arul, Director of International Programmes at BAC said: “To prepare our students for their prospective careers, our academic programmes goes beyond theory and classroom exercises, to bring real life projects into our learning journey.  Our holistic ecosystem of over 25 entities gives our students a strong grounding to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution, developing ones essential skills to be versatile, adaptable and most importantly, relevant. In this regard, we are delighted to find a like-minded partner like the University of Portsmouth. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain a head start in whatever they pursue.”

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