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Mini health MOT

The Occupational Health Service is offering University staff the opportunity to come along for a mini health ‘MOT’.

This 30 minute appointment will be with one of our Occupational Health Nurses. The primary aim will be to look for early signs or indicators of heart disease and diabetes and will involve height, weight, waist measurement, blood pressure/pulse and urinalysis. All tests are optional and appointments will be tailored to individual need.

Appropriate advice can then be given on weight loss, alcohol intake and smoking cessation. Signposting to other organisations or referral to a GP may be indicated with appropriate nurse follow up where necessary.

General tips and pointers for improving health and lifestyle can also be discussed, such as mechanisms for dealing with pressure and stress, work-life balance, sleep, resilience and assertiveness.  To pre-book your appointment slot please contact us on ext 3187

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