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Goodbye Lynda, Hello LinkedIn Learning

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Two years ago the University implemented, an online library with now over 14,000 courses – on business, technical and creative skills. Over 7,500 staff and students have taken advantage of around 19,000 hours of learning and nearly 280,000 individual videos. Sadly, however, from August Lynda is no more.

Fortunately, all of the great content accessed by staff and students is not going. It is simply being moved to a new platform called LinkedIn Learning. This has a lot of new features and advantages, which will be outlined in further communication. Before seeing in LinkedIn Learning though, it is worth having a look at some of Lynda’s greatest hits.

Top Courses

  • Excel Essentials
  • Programming and coding courses
  • Critical Thinking
  • Project Management
  • Data analysis software courses
  • Virtual design software courses

The most viewed courses mirror the skills universities should be developing in students and staff around Digital Capability.

Which faculty uses the most?

  1. Technology
  2. CCI
  3. Business and Law
  4. Humanities
  5. Science

In Technology and CCI a lot of the courses relate to specialist software such as AutoCAD, design, animation or programming – skills directly related to the type of courses taught. There is a big section of courses on Business skills where Business and Law can take advantage of the range of Marketing courses. Humanities usage is quite a bit less, but students are using the courses for applications like G-suite and SPSS (statistical software).

Swapping textbooks for online learning has been widely used around the University, particularly as a teaching resource, included in Moodle and for educational videos as well as to provide resources to improve employability skills for students.

A well written textbook can be a huge benefit to teaching complex material but Nadim Bhakshov, a Teaching Fellow from the School of Computing, has been looking into alternatives to the classic textbook and has been using supplementary videos from Lynda to support his teaching. This year he has used more material from the website to provide another perspective to what was being taught in lectures and practicals and after listening to student feedback has decided to replace the classic textbook with online learning paths and courses to broaden students’ learning.

LinkedIn Learning Upgrade

The upgrade to LinkedIn Learning from Lynda is planned to take place on Thursday 1 August 2019.

The content is the same as Lynda but it offers a new interface and range of new features, making learning more personalised and relevant to your study or work. There will be an option to connect a personal LinkedIn account with LinkedIn Learning, this would mean that learning history acquired at the University can be kept on the personal account, even when students or staff leave.

Another advantage would be the more personalised recommendations based on the skills from the LinkedIn account. The only information the University will see from a personal LinkedIn account will be the profile picture. Or you can choose not to connect and use LinkedIn Learning in exactly the same way as Lynda up until now.

There will be more communications on LinkedIn Learning and all it’s features to follow, in the meantime, keep an eye on and the Myport article to stay up to date

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