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New name for the Faculty of Science as part of organisational restructures

The Faculty of Science will be renamed the Faculty of Science and Health as part of the Faculty restructure that will rebalance staffing in response to the decline of student numbers in some areas and growth in others. 

Two schools within the Faculty will merge and a further two schools will be renamed.

One subject group in the Faculty of Business and Law will also be renamed to better reflect its current strengths and activities. 

Staff in the affected departments have been consulted over a number of months about the changes, which were approved by the University Executive Board, and by Academic Council through delegated authority.

All changes will take effect from the start of the new academic year on 1 August 2019.

Faculty of Science 

  • Rename the Faculty of Science to the Faculty of Science and Health
  • Merge the Department of Geography and the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences to create the School of the Environment, Geography and Geosciences (SEGG)
  • Rename the School of Health Sciences and Social Work to School of Health and Care Professions (SHCP)
  • Rename the Department of Sports and Exercise Science to School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science (SHES)

There are no changes of name for the Department of Psychology (PSYCH), School of Biological Sciences (BIOL), School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences (PHBM) and the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy (UPDA)

Faculty of Business and Law

  • Rename the Marketing and Sales Subject Group to the Marketing Subject Group 

New agreed short codes for these changes can be found in the following table.

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