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Support our graduation Student Speakers by hearing their speeches

Every year at the University’s Graduation Ceremonies, Student Speakers are chosen to produce high quality speeches for the public to represent and promote the University and the courses they are representing.

Staff are invited to attend the rehearsal for the students to practice their speeches and allow them to gain experience of public speaking in a formal space to build their confidence and provide them with valuable feedback which might be essential for their public speaking skills.

Being a student speaker is a fantastic opportunity for our students, which could help them stand out when seeking employment and it means a great deal to them to be selected to represent their student groups and the University.

If you could spare some time to listen to the students practice for the big day, the rehearsal takes place on Friday 21 June in the Nuffield Main Hall.

Pop in for as little or as long as you are able between 1-4pm and you will be given a feedback sheet for the students you have seen for you to add your thoughts on their speech and presentation.

This year there are 19 speeches with each speech 2-3 minutes long.

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