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University Bus taking a summer break

University Bus service

The University Bus won’t be running over the summer break – ceasing from Monday 24 June until the autumn term starts again.

The service is funded by the university to provide free term-time travel for students, though staff may also use it for work purposes.

Alternative ways to get to and from the campus over the summer include walking and cycling for shorter journeys, or using FirstBus routes 1 and 2, which offer similar routes and discounted tickets for University staff.

More information on different ways to get around the city is available via My Journey Portsmouth, our Travel to Work webpages, or the Student’s Union.

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  1. With changes to the University’s car parking policy, the University bus service is a recommended option for staff living in the exclusion zone.

    In view of this, will the operating weeks of the University bus service be revised from September onwards to provide a year round service?

    • A year round service would be ideal but the service was originally designed for students and it would be quite expensive to provide for the whole year. First Bus already provide services across the city and beyond.

      • Are you ignoring the idea the bus may be empty is because of the current parking scheme?
        With the new scheme, use of the bus by staff is likely to increase! Are we really saying we can’t afford support our staff on the island sustainably getting into work? Especially when we already have the groundwork to operate the service without significant investment. Not to mention an estimated increase in about £350,000 of revenue from the new parking scheme.

  2. Fantastic way to encourage staff not to drive.

  3. The discounted First Bus ticket isn’t an option for some people as it’s only available as an e-ticket on a smart phone – not everyone has one of those! The new ‘zoning’ pricing policy with First Bus has also made fares more expensive. It would be great if the University Bus could run all year round, even if staff made a small monthly contribution towards the cost?

    • Firts Bus have introduced the e-ticket as a way to modernise their services. A mobile phone without a contract but a large screen and capable of downloading their ticket app will work.
      A contribution from staff is an alternative that might work and keep the service running all year.

      • But that still means the expense of buying a new phone when you only need it for a bus ticket – not very cost effective.

  4. Master & PhD students who are studying in summer and staff are ignored in this decision! We need all year round bus service!

    • Hi John. Do you think the service would be well used? I have been using it recently at 8.30am from the Festing Pub and the bus is empty.

      • If we go to the website where the alternatives are stated, the bus is articulated as an alternative to driving and car parking. It is not an alternative if it is not running in summer, when I have to be in the university.
        I strongly believe the bus would be full after the huge rise in car parking fees.
        I appreciate your attempt to advocate these policies!

  5. I think it would be good to run the bus during the summer for those that would be able to use it, however I think it’s worth bearing in mind that for most other places of work people will make their own way there at their own expense.
    This is also the case for staff who don’t work in a location to be able to take advantage of the free bus (i.e. those that live in the north of the city, or from further afield)
    Therefore to even have an option of a free bus for most of the year is a very nice thing to have.

  6. Agreed with the comments that this is a strange decision in light of the new parking policy and the encouragement of more sustainable methods of transport. Surely at least a limited service should be provided during the summer months at typical commuting times? E.G. circa 8am and 5pm? This is something other organisations do year round for their staff.

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