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Students win national award for TV broadcasts

The creative talents of our staff and students have been recognised once again at the NewTek UK Education Awards 2019.

Filming at the NHS 70 broadcast.

BSc (Hons) TV and Broadcasting students won the Live Event category for ‘The Wymering Manor Investigation’ and the Factual category for ‘NHS 70 Live’. This is the second running that BSc Television and Broadcasting students have won National Education Awards from NewTek UK.

The NewTek UK Education Awards celebrate excellence in creating engaging and inspiring videos and live streams by students and staff at colleges and universities across the UK. Each project had to have been created using NewTek technology.

The student crew from The Wymering Manor Investigation.

Charlie Watts, Course Leader for BSc (Hons) TV and Broadcasting, said: “These awards are due to the hard work and creativity of our brilliant TV and Broadcasting students, but also a reflection on the teaching and support team behind such large operations. My thanks to them for again providing such an amazing opportunity of leaning, which also allow students to enter and win such prestigious national awards.”

He added: “One of the major aspects of a television course is that it should be producing regular broadcasts, both internally, and externally. It is the external programmes that challenge both students and staff, and NewTek have recognised our commitment to providing this sort of excellent experience for the second year running. NewTek are one of the leading manufacturers of broadcast equipment, and their TriCaster television production solution has been the backbone of the course and the majority of our broadcast programming for over ten years. For example, we use the TriCaster system to broadcast all of the graduation ceremonies, and the versatility of the kit lends itself to being a perfect tool for outside broadcasts.”

Both outside broadcast productions were challenging to realise and they involved collaboration between external partners and other University departments. They also required one key student producer for each production to help it all come to fruition on the day.

The outreach van group for the NHS 70 broadcast

Charlie said: “I wish huge congratulations to graduates and producers Ruta Kairyte and Samual Kavanagh, and also an extended thank you to everybody who was involved with the programmes. Excellent student experiences are reliant on investment in the correct industry kit, and on the sheer dedication of staff willing to go many extra miles to help realise such ambitious projects – I feel lucky to have such people as part of the team and we will have high hopes to win again next year with equally challenging and rewards projects.”

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