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Cluster Launch: Artificial Intelligence & its Practical Applications (AIPA)

The AIPA Cluster aims to consolidate expertise in the development and use of AI across the University of Portsmouth. It will bring together some 50 University members, some of whom work on AI fundamentals, but most of whom are in diverse departments where AI is developed in practice. The cluster will provide coherence and coordination to the University’s research and innovation in AI, supporting excellence and practicality.

AI has been an exciting area of development for more than 60 years, but the last decade has seen a significant increase in both its capabilities and applications. Its capabilities have been enhanced by new models and algorithms, coupled with increased computational power and data. Its applications are all around us, stretching across health and wellbeing, business, logistics, engineering, manufacture, government, entertainment, and beyond. The Cluster will support cross-disciplinary linkages, facilitate external partnerships, enable collaborative projects, and deliver economic growth.

Join us on 3 June for the launch of our AIPA Cluster, where we will bring together leading experts and business partners to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of AI. See and hear about some of the exciting innovations from our research community. Network with University staff and external guests to discuss how you can get involved, or simply to learn more.
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