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University is Cyber Essential – PLUS

The University has passed the annual cybersecurity assessment which maintains our ‘Cyber Essentials PLUS’ certification for another year. We are the only University in the south with this certification.

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government sponsored best practice framework for cyber security. The highest level of certification “Cyber Essentials PLUS” requires an independent security assessment audit of the University’s IT systems. Achieving this award provides substantial assurance that the University meets a recognised benchmark for cyber security. In addition, Cyber Essentials certification is increasingly becoming a mandatory requirement in contractual dealings with the UK Government and associated bodies. Maintaining this certification underpins over £1m of income from research contracts and external partnerships.

Robbie Walker, Security Architect said: “The Cyber Essentials certificate doesn’t make the University bullet proof to all cyber threats or impregnable to the determined hacker – but it does provide evidence that our IT security capability is fit for purpose and that we are no easy target.”

Sarah Duckering, Director of Research and Innovation Services said: “Conducting research in partnership with industry is a core function of the University, and maintaining the integrity and security of all our research data is of great importance to us. Our engagement with industry is growing each year as we focus on delivering research that has impact. This recognition will allow us to build on this strength, giving the organisations that we work with the assurance that we are a committed partner for their research and development activities.”

Further information about Cyber Essentials can be found here:

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