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Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2019 – Student Success

Staff have two weeks left to submit proposals for this year’s Annual Learning and Teaching Conference.

The conference will act as a vehicle for staff to share their work in relation to four key themes that are increasingly of interest to the University and will hear from sector-leading speakers on two related but overarching topics – the TEF and the Civic University.

Proposals are welcome from all staff, across different institutional functions and roles, who have undertaken interesting work. They should focus on innovation and development and/or evaluation and research in one or more of the following areas in relation to student success:

  • Staff-student partnership and co-construction
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Global engagement
  • Inclusive practice

Sessions should involve reflection, exploration, scholarship and evaluation, rather than just describing activities undertaken. Proposals should also be grounded in relevant literature and research wherever possible. Students as co-presenters are encouraged wherever possible.

Session Formats

Workshops: 1 hr which explore research and practice-informed topics with colleagues, and may be delivered as collaborations between departments. There should be a high level of creativity, practical participation, and time allowed for discussion between participants.

Discussion Papers: 30 mins, including no more than 20 mins presentation, with at least 10 mins of questions and discussion/exploration, describing and exploring research, evaluation policy and or practice. The focus should be on sharing lessons learned, and pulling out best practice which will be translatable to other contexts. Sessions that integrate discussion with presentation, rather than presentation followed by Q&A, will be preferred.

Lightning Talks: 5 mins which introduce new projects, give multiple quick progress updates on existing work, or share pertinent new ideas in relation to the themes. Slides will be kept to a minimum in these rapid fire sessions.

Gimme 5: 30 mins, sessions structured around 5 tips, principles or key aspects to consider in relation to ‘how to’ implement specific teaching and learning approaches within the discipline. These should be short, practical sessions of no more than 20 minutes. These sessions should allow for interactions and aim to equip delegates to apply the tool, strategy or approach presented in their work. 10 minutes should be allowed at the end for questions.

Proposals should be submitted electronically using the Google Form by Monday 29 April.

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