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Students wins prize for most astonishing special effect at the DV Mission 48 hour film challenge

SDV Mission is a film festival with a difference, in that all the films screened at the gala premiere and awards ceremony were made in the preceding 48 hours.

At 5pm on the Friday night, teams from across the country are given a film title, genre and line of dialogue. The teams then have just 48 hours to return on Sunday at 4pm, with a finished two-minute film. It has been called the rock-n-roll film making event of the year.

Some of our Film Production students won the prize for Most Astonishing Special Effect this year.  The winning team, called Team Liquid, included:

  • Tan Yucheng
  • Da Fu
  • Peining Xu
  • Lu Li
  • Haokai Yang

The title of their film is ‘The Dragon’s Shadow‘.

The film challenge was held over 1 – 3 March 2019  and the genre was 1960’s Japanese Noir.

The line of dialogue was: “That’s not the way to win.” “Is there a way to win?” “There is a way to win more slowly.”

The judges said this was the “Best shadow fight with a clever sequence of shadow attacks.  [We] enjoyed the build-up to the section with stylishly shot close-ups of the two actors.  A simple take on the story but with a very clever fight scene, loved the subtle gore and sound effects even more so.”

DVMISSION19 was sponsored by Creative Network South, Portsmouth City Council, Portsmouth Film Society, Kabuki Productions and Mad Dogs TV.

If you would like to take part in next year’s challenge, then all you have to do is go to film freeway and set up a profile.  All other details can be seen on their website.

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