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Bigger venue for staff car parking event

The staff car parking event at 12.00pm on 27 March has been moved to a bigger venue.

It’s now taking place at 0.02 in King Henry Building. Spaces are available.

The event is the second of three events which have been organised as part of consultation with staff on changes to University car parking policy and charges. The proposed changes are outlined in a business case, which has been developed by a car parking working group with representatives from the University and the unions (UCU and UNISON).

The third car parking event will take place in LT2 Richmond Building from 10.00am, where spaces are also available.

At the events, Vice-Chancellor Graham Galbraith will be joined by Bernie Topham (Chief Operating Officer & Deputy Vice-Chancellor), Fiona Bell (Director of Estates & Campus Services) and Becky Hopkins (Deputy Director of HR People Services) for a brief presentation on the proposals, before opening the floor for questions.

Themes and FAQs

The car parking consultation is providing a wealth of very practical and useful information about staff needs and alternative solutions to managing the number of cars accessing the university on a daily basis.

There are clear themes emerging. Generally, there is good feedback about the proposed exclusion zone and acknowledgement that the current policy has to change.

The most discussed elements of the business case have been the disproportionately higher price increase for lower grade staff and the short introduction timescale before full costs apply.

There is also interest in whether flexible working and the availability of daily permits for occasional use or 3/6 months seasonal use permits could actually relieve some of the pressure on car parking. Staff would like further permit exceptions, for example, to allow them to access medical treatment on a frequent basis or for staff with hidden/ non registered disabilities. Response to these comments are being considered.

A number of FAQs have also been published. These will be updated weekly throughout the consultation period. Staff can provide views on the business case at until 12 April.

Sustainable travel discounts and information for staff can be found on our travel to work webpages, including new details of local bike shop discounts.

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  1. Perhasps Portland car park should go back to being monitored by PCC and stop all the non paying non permit holders parking there , also it would stop all the inconsiderate people who are illegally parking on the pavement and blocking pedestrian access to Portland and Liongate.

    • I agree with Duane. These cars that are parked on the pavement outside of Portland Building should be towed away and impounded.

      What if there was a fire and people need to evacuate the building without obstruction? In fact what if one of these cars caught fire – parked so closely to the building… I am sure Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service would have something to say about this.
      The fact being, a pavement is a pavement and not additional parking space for people who don’t have a permit or cant find a space.

  2. I am very surprised that you have received good feedback about the exclusion zone. I have spoken to several people who live in the exclusion zone who will be effected and I certainly didn’t receive good feedback from them, completely the opposite. Perhaps its everyone from out of town that will still be able to park who are happy with the exclusion zone!!

    • I agree with Tracy. I have a child so would probably be exempt from the exclusion zone but this only applies up until 11 years old? Do children over 11 suddenly not need their parents anymore? What about people who don’t have formal caring responsibilities but visit elderly relatives after work? It’s going to get to a point where pretty much anyone can argue an exemption and we will just be paying more to still be without a parking space.

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