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Free British Science Week events in Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth has organised a number of exciting and free events as part of British Science Week, an annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths from 8 to 17 March.

The events taking place during the week are:

An evening with Pride of Britain winner, Thai cave rescue diver and alumnus Jason Mallinson – Wednesday 13 March at 6.30pm at the King’s Theatre, Southsea.

Following the daring rescue of the 12 boys trapped in a Thai cave last summer, Portsmouth engineering alumnus Jason Mallison’s name was on every major news media. After helping to carefully plan the dangerous rescue, Jason risked his own life to heroically bring four of the boys out of the flooded caves. Receiving recognition for his efforts, Jason was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal in the New Year Honours List for his bravery as well as a Pride of Britain Award.

Admission is free, but by ticket only. Please book on Eventbrite

Geography Seminar by Cat Hudson (Natural England) – Wednesday 13 March from 4 to 5pm in Buckingham Building, room 3.05. Admission is free and open to all.

The seminar will explore a component of research undertaken during the ‘Forgotten Fields’ project in the University’s Department of Geography, which focused on investigating the changing nature of soil erosion risk as a function of land use change in the Lower Rother Valley, West Sussex. The work draws upon historical land use records from the Tithe Survey of England and Wales, previously collated within the Department, as well as adopting a foresight approach for scenario modelling change up to c. 2080. Data and methods used in the analysis, the experience of writing the outputs up for journal publication and potential research impact and significance for policy-makers and the academic community will also be discussed.

A Twenty-First Century View Of Plutons – Wednesday 13 March from 5 to 6pm in Burnaby Building, room 3.30. Admission is free and open to all.

Granite plutons are the roots of ancient volcanoes and represent crystallised bodies of once molten rock. These fundamental building blocks of the Earth’s crust provide windows into the internal working of our planet. The traditional view is that plutons are ‘big red blobs’, and represent the frozen remains of rapidly intruded, kilometre-scale tanks of molten crust magma and that such tanks underlie active volcanoes.

In this talk, Professor Allen Glazner from the University of Carolina, will challenge this traditional view and argue that instead plutons are emplaced in small increments and that most are heavily modified by later processes such as metamorphism. This talk will move beyond the ‘big red blob’ understanding of how melted rocks are transported through and stored in the crust. This has wider implications for our understanding of volcanology and how molten rocks evolve and crystallise through time.

Meet a Female Physicist – 15 March

Staff and students of the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (ICG) will be at Portsmouth Academy, visiting the GCSE students. They will be participating in speed-dating style ‘Meet a Female Physicist’ lunchtime event where the students will be able to interview members of the ICG on a range of questions.

Further details about the events can be found on the British Science Week website –

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