Academic presents his research at the House of Lords

Dr Tom Smith, Principal Lecturer in International Relations (based at RAF College Cranwell), was invited to the House of Lords this week to discuss the human rights situation in the Philippines.

Dr Smith (right) with Lord Hylton (middle)

The meeting followed a presentation to the All Parliamentary Group on Human Rights in November at the House of Commons. Dr Smith shared his research and expertise along with the Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines group with Lord Hylton. His research focuses on media freedom as a priority issue for government and possible avenues for policy influence.

Dr Smith said: “Understanding how the various arms of government, which often work at cross purposes and perhaps do not communicate as effectively as possible, was hugely valuable for my work on human rights in the Philippines. It helps so that I can ensure research has the maximum amount of impact on government practice and policy. Gaining this understanding from senior figures within the parliamentary process when it comes to marginalised issues of international concern makes this difficult mission even more important.

“I now plan to take on the advice and insights for impending research projects and funding applications having already displayed a track record in displaying impact within parliament.”

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