Could you lead the Students’ Union?

Are you searching for a graduate job starting summer 2019? Nominations are now open for our five Sabbatical Officer (Sabb) roles!

As a Sabb you’ll work full-time for the Union and your day job will be focused around making change for students at the University of Portsmouth.

What do the roles offer?

Sabbatical Officer roles have an incredible benefits package. Here’s some more information on what the roles have to offer:

  • A salary of £19,000
  • 12 month positions, starting July 2019
  • 30 days annual leave
  • Flexible working
  • Based in Portsmouth

How do I get the job?

To land the job, you first need to nominate yourself for one of these roles:

Are you passionate about a certain area of student life at Portsmouth? Check out the role descriptions by following the links above and nominate yourself by Thursday 7 of February at Midday.

Next, do some research about issues students want changed around campus. Find three things that you could see yourself working towards changing and list them as your manifesto points before voting week, starting Monday 25 February.

The week commencing the 25 February is voting week, during this week you’ll be campaigning for students to vote you in.

How will it set me apart from the rest?

A Sabbatical Officer role is unlike any other in that you’ll automatically become a leader of a registered charity. You’ll be working towards driving change for students by charing meetings with the University and working on important projects in the student interest.

You’ll gain an abundance of skills to take with you into future employment. Many ex-Sabbatical Officers are now working in leadership roles – one of which has even become a Chief Executive of another Students’ Union!

Nominate yourself today!


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