Simple step will add millions to charities’ purse

New platform will help charities gain tax back via Gift Aid

A slight technological shift looks likely to herald the start of a new era for charity fundraising in which good causes get more money, at no extra cost to donors.

Streeva, the company which invented Swiftaid– a secure and streamlined way of processing Gift Aid for both charities and UK taxpayers – has worked with experts including Dr David Williams in the University of Portsmouth’s School of Computing.

Using Swiftaid, UK taxpayers will soon be able to automatically add an additional 25 per cent through Gift Aid when making a contactless charitable donation to their chosen charity.

Gift Aid is a UK government tax relief which allows registered charities to claim the tax the donor has already paid on the funds.

Last year in the UK, a staggering £560m of Gift Aid was unclaimed by charities.

After a donor registers with Swiftaid, every time they choose to donate to a supported charity, the platform securely informs HMRC on behalf of both the donor and the charity so that the Gift Aid can be claimed.

The company has made a video showing how it works:

Dr Williams said: “This simple but effective solution will enable those in need to benefit from millions of pounds in additional funding to the charities that support them.

“It is timely, too. As we see an increase in people buying products using contactless cards or on their mobile phones, the amount of donations made in this way shall also increase, while cash donations decline. It makes sense to utilise added benefits of this shift to technology by automating Gift Aid, giving charities an extra 25 percent and removing inconvenience to the donor.”

Dr Williams began working with Streeva when he was at the University of Surrey.

Beth Michael, co-founder of Streeva, said: “Around one third of donations that could have Gift Aid is missed due to inefficiencies with the current process. Swiftaid is our answer to this problem. It is our mission to make giving through Gift Aid an effortless experience, getting more money to charities without costing donors more.

“It isn’t just about the money, though. Swiftaid also means charities will no longer have to worry about falling foul of GDPR rules on donors’ data protection, be burdened with compliance and auditing admin from HMRC or for donors’ remember what they can claim back from the taxman.”

Donors can register with Swiftaid on their website:





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