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Try before you buy – Park and Ride

We know that for many people who drive to work in the city centre, parking can be an issue. To help, Portsmouth City Council is offering University of Portsmouth employees the chance to try the Park & Ride for free. Claim your two free tickets.

You must claim your tickets by Monday 25 February.

Tickets will be delivered to you at the university address you provide on the form, and can be used any time in March 2019.

Info about smartcard products

Park & Ride smartcards allow commuters to purchase either 10, 20 or 50 days of travel, for a fraction of the daily turn up and pay cost. A daily Park & Ride ticket costs £4, but purchasing travel through a smartcard allows you to make significant savings. If you were to purchase the Flexipass 20 a daily trip would cost you just £2.50. While a Flexipass 50 reduces the daily cost to just £2 – significantly less than city centre car parks. Over 50 days of using a Flexipass 50 you would save £100 on the turn up and pay price of the P&R.

For more information on the Park & Ride service and Smartcards please visit their website.

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