Competition to design a Memory Booth for Guildhall Heritage Lottery funded project

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are excited to share news of a competition to design a Memory Booth for the Discovering the Guildhall Project. The University of Portsmouth is one of the City of Portsmouth partners working in collaboration on this Heritage Lottery funded project.

Project Description

Discovering the Guildhall aims to focus, interpret and develop our understanding of the relationship that the people of Portsmouth and visitors had, and still have with the Guildhall throughout its 128-year history.

The historical timeline of the Guildhall has been partly documented and some information is held within Portsmouth archives and in various publications. Through this project we will explore existing material, research and present new information. We aim to make it accessible to the public through a new exhibition, two documentary films and recorded interviews.

A key part of this project is capturing people’s memories through interviews and recording them through using a memory booth. We are presenting you with an opportunity to design a memory booth for this project.

Brief: Memory Booth

As part of this project we require a ‘memory booth’ to attract and encourage people to share their stories and memories of the Guildhall. These will be recorded (audio only).

The memory booth will be located inside the Guildhall and will enable us to record and collect many more stories than oral history interviews alone.

Recorded stories will form part of the Guildhall Archive, be used to inform and may be included in the two documentary films and exhibition, resources and workshops in schools, community centres and care homes.

A Writer in Residence will use some of the recordings in poems they will develop and perform as part of this project.


  • Only audio recordings are required (i.e. not audio-visual)
  • We need to be able to move the booth easily from one part of the Guildhall to another. However, there is no requirement to move it from one floor to another (e.g. ground floor to first floor).
  • The structure and materials used must prevent external sound entering the booth so that recordings are clear and free of other sounds.
  • Materials must be non-flammable or treatable.
  • The booth needs to contain seating.
  • The structure needs to be stable with no risk of being pushed over, toppling or moving.
  • Capacity: Minimum persons: 1     Maximum persons: 2

Submission process:

1. In the first instance please register your interest by sending an email to

2. Following step 1: Entrants are required to submit full colour drawings including dimensions, materials, estimated construction time and budget

3. Entries will be assessed and a shortlist drawn up.

4. Finalists will be asked to present their design.

5. Winner selected*

* Please note: the Guildhall reserves the right not to select a winning entry if there are no suitable designs.


  • Please register your interest by 14 January 2019
  • Entries must be submitted no later than 28 January 2019

The winning entry will:

  • See their design realised as part of the Discovering the Guildhall project
  • Receive two complimentary tickets to either Guildhall Games Fest or Portsmouth Comic Con
  • Receive a certificate from the CEO, Andy Grays

For further information or to register your interest please contact:

Nicola Peacock, Project Manager – Discovering the Guildhall

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