EU students enrolling in 2019/20 will pay the same tuition fees as home students

European Union students enrolling in English universities in 2019-20 will pay the same tuition fees as UK students and remain eligible for financial support for the duration of their courses, the Department for Education has announced.

The government also said that the maximum tuition fees that a university will be able to charge will be frozen for the second consecutive year in 2019-20 at £9,250. Any new EU or current EU student wishing to study a degree at the University of Portsmouth in the 2019/2020 academic year will be able to without a visa, with the guarantee of the student loan for the whole of their studies. This status will last for the duration of the degree courses.

Despite Brexit, the University of Portsmouth has achieved record success for the 2018/19 academic year, with in excess of 500 EU students joining the university in September 2018. This was an impressive 14% increase on September 2017 entry and the first time the university has welcomed over 500 European students in one intake.

Key markets for the university included Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece and in particular, Czech Republic and Portugal saw large growth compared to the previous year. University of Portsmouth Global completed over 40 European trips in 2018, visiting more than 20 countries around the continent.

Bobby Mehta, UoP Global Director said “The EU students we have studying with us here in Portsmouth and our EU partners are very important to the University of Portsmouth and its Global Engagement Strategy, and the EU will continue to be an important part of our plans, whatever happens after March 29th.

In the meantime we are very pleased with the decision the Department of Education has made for the 2019-2020 academic year and this will help the UoP Global team working with our partners in the EU and across the globe to continue to promote the University of Portsmouth as a great place to study for all international and EU students.”

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