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Estates and Campus Services Update – December

Improving the way we support our students in halls, making the most of our facilities for the local community and beyond, and preparing you for what to do if it snows. Find out more in this edition of the Estates and Campus Services update.

University arrangements in case of snow

If the campus is affected significantly by snow we will provide updates via email and on the UoP News staff and students pages. Please also check local travel information.

Schools and departments are advised to contact students via email with any changes to timetable.

Staff in outlying areas affected by snow should contact their line manager to discuss working from home or other arrangements. If at any point, staff cannot make it to work or are delayed they should contact their line manager as soon as they can by phone.

Vital transport routes in and out of the city will take priority in the salting and clearing of roads and bulletins will be posted on the Portsmouth City Council website directing you to information about road closures.

Student Support – Residence Life (Res Life)
As part of the recent organisational change within residential services, we changed to the Residence Life model at the start of the academic year, in line with current sector trends and student expectations. Although the focus has changed to more peer to peer support, we continue to offer support from staff members for individual students with more complex needs including out-of-hours emergency support during the 40 weeks of the residential year.

The Res Life model is based on a peer support led programme of social and educational events that are designed to proactively empower new students. The goal being for students to build personal life skills which will enable them to negotiate the move to an independent shared living environment.  

Our Res Life team consist of one Residence Life Manager, three Residence Life Advisors and two Residence Life Co-ordinators who are based within the Student Support Suite at Bateson Hall.  The team also includes 48 x Residence Life Assistants (student based positions) providing peer support in helping students to integrate and adjust to University life and become part of the halls/University community.  

The team objective is to promote a good student experience for all first-year students, whether living in UoP, 3rd party providers’ halls or the private sector. This will be achieved through the good working links/partnerships with departments, other University facilities and our 3rd party accommodation providers with the aim to achieve  joint/linked programmes that demonstrate to students that a student’s experience of ‘home/halls’ and ‘study/academia’ is conjoined in University life, and that learning and active engagement with both aspects are essential.

The Res Life programme is an essential role in promoting and supporting the University’s mission of creating, sharing and applying knowledge to make a difference in individuals and society and is based on four main elements of: Social, Skills/Educational, Community Building, and Wellbeing.  It operates in conjunction with the daily service that is offered regarding welfare/discipline ensuring a safe study environment through use of the Code of Student Behaviour throughout the 40 week student occupancy period within halls.

Programme events that have taken place this term include: History of Portsmouth Night, Yoga, Quiz nights, Jenga & Pizza night, CV Workshop and Halls Tournament Sports Day. Students are encouraged to attend these events to see that their classroom experiences are not mutually exclusive of their personal experiences/development while at University. Positive ‘life learning’ is essential to the student experience in the creation of an individual that has been able to acquire both academic and personal/social skills to achieve a successful future.    


Hosting conferences and much more

We continue to host a variety of organisations from Portsmouth, the region and globally. The recent teaching EERN engineering conference that was held in Dennis Sciama building in conjunction with the Faculty of Technology, hosted over 80 people from across the UK.

You may have seen other events we are hosting on the staff website such as the First International Conference on the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Postgraduate Researchers and the Hospitality Tourism Marketing and Management Conference.

Also when rooms are not in use for teaching they are let out to a whole variety of other organisations to make the most of our facilities, these include Chartered Institute of Marketing for their exams, the Open University for their regional teaching facilities at weekends and Proactive training to teach massage courses.

For next year we have already signed a number of contracts to host conferences for a variety of organisations including INTOdogs charity and the Nautical Archeology Society. Some of these we will also provide accommodation in our halls especially events that fall within the summer. If you know of any organisations that need conferencing and letting facilities, pass on our details and we will see what we have available. View the website for more information.

Catering raised over £1,000 for the Poppy Appeal

The team raised £1,123.88 for the Royal British Legion to help provide support for members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, veterans and their families. Read more.

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