University CRM project – Supporting student recruitment

Today there are many ways to interact with students from digital channels, mailouts, instant chat to events and printed materials.

Capturing the full digital and physical journey is essential to gain insights into how we can most effectively communicate and nurture potential students so that they choose Portsmouth and enjoy a good experience when they interact with us.

We also need to work together across the University to develop relationships with businesses, research opportunities and our alumni.

The new Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will provide a way for the whole University to capture and manage this information resulting in improved follow up to leads and building lasting relationships.

This will also reduce manual processes, duplication, inconsistent messages and crossover of information. The resulting data can also be used to understand how to develop and improve these relationships most effectively.

As part of the first phase which is focusing on student recruitment, the system is now being tested by Marketing and Communications; members of DSAA and some initial Faculty users, ready to go live in 2019, to support initial enquiries by prospective students through to registration for September 2019.

Working within an increasingly competitive environment, it is important we understand how the whole University engages with students so that they receive one view of the University resulting in a better outcome for everyone.

The potential second phase will concentrate on business to business, alumni and advancement.

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