Pint of Science: Portsmouth 2019

After successful events coordinated by the University over the last three years, we are once again hosting a series of simultaneous local events for the international Pint of Science Festival from 20-22 May 2019.

The festival has a series of central themes, and one local pub is selected to host each of the themes over the three nights.  Each night sees 2 to 3 speakers engage the public audience with a talk, aimed to enthuse and educate them about our subject areas and research.

We are hoping to expand upon the themes offered previously, making the event more inter-Faculty, as well as inviting external organisations (e.g. English Heritage, as per last year) – any suggestions gratefully received!

The themes we hope to take forward this year are:

  • Beautiful Mind – neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry
  • Our Body – medicine, human biology, health
  • Planet Earth – geosciences, plant sciences, zoology
  • Tech Me Out – biotechnology, robotics, computers

In order to deliver the event, we are looking for people to volunteer for a number of different roles:

  • Speakers – could you offer a 20-30 min public-facing talk ?  Six speakers are needed in total for each theme (though more can potentially be accommodated if there is an abundance of offers), and a diverse range of topics within each theme would be great. We’d also really like to have a mix of postgrad students, academic staff, and also some external speakers.
  • ‘Theme Teams’ – each theme will have a team that runs the three nights. Could you help with the logistics of marketing the event, liaising with the pub and speakers, hosting an evening as compére, and perhaps acting as the coordinator for that team?  These roles are particularly suited for postgrad students – it’s great fun, and good experience for your CV.

We are in particular need of theme leaders for ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Beautiful Mind’ – this can be a joint effort for 2 to 3 people.

If you are interested in being a part of the event, then please fill out this Google Form to register your interest.

If you could state which theme you would like to be involved in, that would be great, but please be aware that if we have an imbalance of numbers for different themes we might ask if you can assist with another.

Thank you to those who have already expressed an interest/provided details!

If you have any questions, please email

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