Final chance to take part in Content Capture Survey

For several years, the University has provided staff with the technology to record video and/or audio for the purpose of extending teaching and learning activity beyond the confines of the classroom. This has included the provision of limited lecture capture technology in some large lecture theatres, as well as providing access to software that allows staff to produce learning materials on their computers.

The content captured in these ways is of particular use for revision purposes, for scrutinising difficult concepts, for students with caring responsibilities, and for students for whom English is not their first language. In response to growing demand from our student body, the University is now investigating the possibility of expanding the availability of content captured materials to the student body, and this consultation is your opportunity to share your views.

Ultimately, the consultation will inform the University’s direction and policy on content capture.

All staff within the University have an opportunity to respond until 4pm on 21 December 2018.

Students are also being consulted.

Staff and students will be kept up-to-date on progress via the Content Capture Project Blog, which includes FAQs and timeline details for the consultation.

Share your views.

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