University bus service update

The University bus service review is underway following the survey by the Students’ Union and we will confirm shortly the bus service for the new year.

As a reminder, the University bus service is term time only and will, therefore, stop running from Monday 17 December.

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  1. I think that it takes too long to get to Fratton train station and Fratton Lidl. It used to be about 5 minutes to get there, but now it takes more than 20 minutes, that’s a long journey. Maybe the bus can stop at Fratton station first, it can continue all the way via Eastney and Albert road and finally back to the University Library.

    Also, one of the stop between Bransbury Park and Prince Albert Road where drivers normally need 1-2 minutes to get there. But the timetable currently shows 4 minutes to get there and we often have to wait for a while.

    Thanks you for reading

    • Thank you for your feedback regarding the bus service. An in-depth review of this trial service took place in November and the comments from this are being reviewed.

  2. Please change the university bus timetable and route.

    Should be a service over xmas as not all students go home for the duration

    • Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, we can currently only provide a term time service. Feedback from a survey regarding the bus service is currently being reviewed.

  3. where was this survey advertised? i have a lot of strong feelings about the bus service and was completely unaware it was even under review. ):

    • Hi, apologies that you weren’t aware of the survey. This was advertised in various places such as a news article on MyPort and in social media posts by the Students’ Union as well as in their newsletter. Staff also carried out the survey on the buses themselves over a period of a few weeks. If you would like to send feedback please email the Students’ Union President –

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