Thanks to staff volunteers for a successful Welfare Knock

Jamie and Laura, volunteers at this year’s Welfare Knock

Over 80 members of staff took part in this year’s Welfare Knock which involved volunteers from across the University knocking on doors in several halls of residence to let students know about the support services available to them.

This year’s Knock took place over two different weeks in October and November with staff visiting nearly 6000 rooms across the city in 17 halls. Advice was well received by the students and staff had positive experiences taking part.

One of the volunteers, Laura Molyneaux, Corporate Communications Officer, said: “It was great to visit students living in halls of residence. Hopefully we’ve helped students who may not have known what wellbeing and support services are offered here at the University, and now or in the future know where to turn to if needed. I felt like it was a good thing to do as a member of staff and hope to be able to sign up again next year.”

Other feedback from staff included:

“The Knock is a good initiative that should be repeated” -Jenny

“Students were happy to speak to us and appreciated the information given” -Kay

“A good, positive attitude by all staff” -Claire

The Welfare Knock team would like to extend a big thank you to all staff who volunteered for this year’s Welfare Knock and look forward to next year to keep supporting our students.

Donna Marshall, DSAA Administrator, who is part of the team that organise the Knock said: “The Welfare Knock has grown over the last 5 years. It is a great way of connecting and showing students of the University of Portsmouth that we care about their wellbeing.”

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