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University of Portsmouth to host Gender and Education Association international conference

The 2019 Gender and Education Association international conference will be hosted by the University of Portsmouth.

Hundreds of education practitioners, activists, academics, students, community leaders, artists, researchers, and policymakers from across the UK and around the globe will be welcomed to explore identities, in/visibilities, inequalities, and intersections in education through a gendered lens.

THEME: About face: Identities, In/visibilities, Inequalities, and Intersections in education

DATES: Conference: Tuesday 25 June – Thursday 27 June 2019


  • Professor Deevia Bhana, University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • Professor Kalwant Bhopal, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Sindy L Joyce, University of Limerick
  • Professor Heidi Mirza, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Lisa Smith, Youth Programme Leader for Travellers’ Times, Vice-Chair for Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers
  • Professor Shirley-Anne Tate, Leeds Beckett University

Call for Proposals for GEA Conference 2019: Download the CFP

Deadline to submit: Friday 4th January 2019

Engaging with and expanding upon contemporary debates about educational inequalities (at both national and global levels), the conference invites contributions which in different ways address how structural forms of oppression – such as (hetero)sexism, racism, classism, and ableism – operate within and shape educational environments and institutions. Over the course of the conference, one of the primary aims is to move beyond discussion towards a collectively-created call to action to address systemic inequalities in education at local, national, and international levels.

Our conference theme, About Face, aims to spur conversation about the multitude of ways in which inequalities shape the contemporary global context, and how these are both enforced and challenged within and through education.

  • About Face, as in a change in understanding as we reflect on the major political, social, economic, and environmental events of the last few years and the ways they have shaped and will continue to shape education across the globe.
  • About Face, as in how we see each other, how we see ourselves, and how we see our world.
  • About Face, as in how we are seen or unseen, recognised or misrecognised, visible or invisible.
  • About Face, as in about our faces and bodies; how we self-identify and how our identities are shaped; how gender norms, ideals of physical appearance, standards of beauty, measures of femininity and masculinity are imposed upon bodies in different ways; how this impacts upon educational experiences for students and upon employment experiences for staff in educational institutions.
  • About Face, as in a turning towards a recognition of identities and in/visibilities in education and a turning towards action to address intersecting inequalities.

Please see the full CFP for themes which could be explored within presentations at the conference. We invite contributions in a range of formats, including academic papers or presentations, roundtables, themed panels, symposia, workshops, creative interventions or performances, along with other formats that share ideas and generate discussions in innovative ways.

Abstracts should be submitted online. Please see the full CFP for abstract submission guidance.

This is an opportunity to showcase the excellent teaching and research at the University of Portsmouth, so please consider submitting an abstract.

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