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Being a Good Neighbour when celebrating Halloween & Bonfire Night

Keep safe while having fun this Halloween and Bonfire Night and remember don’t give your neighbours horrors or unwanted explosions!

If you are out and about in the evenings, are having friends round for a few drinks, or are just planning a night-in then please consider your neighbours. It will benefit everyone if you can take some simple steps to establish a good relationship with them.

The main cause of friction between students and their neighbours is a difference in lifestyle and a tolerance over acceptable noise levels. We would particularly like to draw your attention to this issue in relation to Halloween parties and also the setting off of fireworks in a compact residential area.

Please remember that Halloween falls on a weekday this year, and although the clubs and bars will be gearing up for a night of partying and frightening fun, most residents in the community will have to be up early the next day for work, or the school run. Therefore, a noisy house party on a weeknight is not a good idea! If you plan to be out for the night, make sure you get home from any bars or clubs safely, and most importantly quietly, without causing disturbance to your neighbours.

Follow our tips to keep relations with your neighbours smooth over this exciting part of the autumn term:

  • If you are getting ready to go out or have friends round for the evening, please keep sound at a moderate level (including bass levels) and position stereos, TVs or any noise making equipment away from walls adjacent to your neighbour’s house.
  • If you are planning a party then please go round and speak to your neighbour’s beforehand and let them know that you are hosting one and what time you are planning to finish – stick to your finish time and remember, past 11.30pm is likely to be considered unreasonable to your neighbours, so please respect this if it is brought up.
  • If you are approached by your neighbours to keep the noise down, respond positively and make every effort to resolve the problem so everyone can enjoy being part of the community. Remember your neighbours will keep different schedules to you so please bear this in mind.
  • Don’t gather on residential streets to wait for taxis – stay inside until the taxi has arrived.
  • If you are coming home late, keep voices down and remove shoes – make sure you close internal doors quietly too…as sound travels a lot more in the early hours – be careful when slamming taxi/front doors.
  • If you are walking home keep voices down – particularly if your route takes you through residential areas.

Firework advice  

Portsmouth is a very compact city, which makes travelling easy and getting to Uni super easy, but it can also mean if you are thinking of having a firework party in your garden, it is going to affect a large number of surrounding people (and especially their pets!) who may not appreciate the excessive noise – particularly late at night.

We, like the good people from Hants Fire & Rescue, advise you attend one of the brilliant local displays that take place but if you are planning on hosting a firework party, follow our tips above about letting your neighbours know what is going on where possible but also, it is crucial to keep yourselves safe while having fun!

Check out the advice from the great teams at Hampshire Fire & Rescue to keep safe but also see if there are some of the great local displays you can attend too:

If you would like advice on how to build a good relationship with your neighbours or are having difficulties with your housemates and would like to speak to someone in the Student Neighbour Liaison Service (part of Student Housing) then please call 023 92843214 or email 

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  1. I should add it’s also a good idea to check bonfires for hedgehogs before they are lit.

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