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New PDR for all staff launches 2019

The new approach to Performance and Development Reviews (PDR) launches next year. All PDRs will be completed between 1 April to 30 September 2019 using the new online system that has been piloted this year. Interim arrangements are in place between now and when the new system goes live, further details are provided below.

Over 250 staff from faculties and professional services took part in the pilot. We have listened to feedback from the pilot and learnt more about specific issues at targeted focus groups; from this, a number of recommendations were made, which have been approved by UEB.

One of the key recommendations was to delay the system go-live date to April 2019. This was agreed because:

  1. The online PDR form needed to be simplified to avoid duplication.
  2. Links needed to be improved between the PDR and local departmental or team strategies, which staff found more relevant to their everyday roles when completing objectives.
  3. After consultation, it was found that April 2019 would be the appropriate time to start the Review Process, in order to create a consistent and measurable approach for all staff to complete PDRs within a set period each year, i.e. April to September.
  4. An updated version of the system is currently being piloted by Exeter and Bristol universities. Rolling out with this improved version of the software will address some of the earlier technical issues encountered in the pilot.

In the period prior to April 2019, PDRs can be recorded as follows for all staff, including those involved in the pilot:

  • Staff not involved in the pilot – use the current paper-based process to carry out an interim PDR. Individuals planning on carrying out their PDRs before the 1st April 2019 rollout may wish to schedule a shorter initial PDR discussion, using the current process, as all staff will need to have a full PDR using the online system from 1st April 2019. Individuals who have recently completed their PDRs will use the new system from the 1st April onwards. Please discuss local arrangements for your PDR with your line manager.
  • PDR pilot staff –  are also required to have an online PDR between 1 April 2019 and 30 September 2019. This will ensure all areas of the University are aligned with the new PDR cycle. Reviewers may wish to schedule an interim PDR discussion in the meantime; this can be documented using the ‘Notes Field’ on the existing version of the online system.

Further information can be found on the HR web pages, however, if you still have questions, please discuss these with your line manager.


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