Reminder to keep a record of copyrighted materials

We are halfway through the survey of recording copyrighted materials that are used for teaching purposes for the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA).

This is to let the CLA, who we hold a licence with, know which copyrighted publications are photocopied or used for the creation of course packs/readers.

Our licence with the CLA allows us to photocopy, scan and reuse extracts from digital and printed books, journals, magazines, and certain websites for teaching resources.

If you photocopy any published material between 17 September and 26 October to use as a teaching resource, you will need to:

  • make an extra copy of the identifier page (using the page with the ISBN, ISSN or barcode if available)
  • complete a CLA data label provided at the yellow box
  • attach the sticker to the copy
  • place in the yellow box.

Instructions will also be displayed on the front of the yellow boxes.

Course packs

If you produce course packs or readers between now and 26 October, then please make an extra copy and follow the process as described. You will need to submit a replica copy of the pack and note on the front cover how many packs were produced. Replica copies can be placed in the yellow boxes.

Any printing undertaken by Printing Services for faculties or departments requires no action from staff, as this process will be undertaken for you.

This data collection does not include digital resources and only affects staff, not students.

See Frequently Asked Questions or email for more information.

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