Portsmouth Film Production students get commissioned for Mandela 100 project

Students from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, at the University of Portsmouth, were commissioned by African Women’s Forum to produce a short documentary on the Mandela 100 project.

BA (Hons) Film Production students; Dominic Cox, Dennis Griscenko and Daniel Bushen have created a production company called, Kinolux Productions during their time studying at the University of Portsmouth.

African Women’s Forum (AWF), based in Portsmouth, are celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday with the Mandela 100 project. The project is revisiting the values enacted by the revolutionary political leader during his life and time as the president of South Africa.

Kinolux Productions‘ short documentary followed the events that the African Women’s Forum have been hosting around Portsmouth to bring the community together.

There is also an exhibition being held in Portsmouth Library till 17 November where the documentary will be continuously shown.

To view the documentary click here.

Dominic Cox:
“It was great to work with Marie Costa from the African Women’s Forum, filming and editing a 20min documentary really made me appreciate the amount of planning and consideration that goes into something of this scale”.

Dennis Griscenko:
“We’ve been working with the Mandela 100 project since March this year and since then we’ve been all around Portsmouth to film the festivities. With this footage we went on to create a full 20 minute documentary, so from start to finish the project was really exhilarating”.

Daniel Bushen:
“Mandela’s message is still as relevant and as powerful as it was 30 years ago. To be apart of a project that can bring everyone together and pass on those values of equality to a new generation has been really for fulfilling.”

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