CCI Student Project Ambassadors for the Inventors at Victorious Festival

Students from the University had the opportunity to work as Project Ambassadors for ‘The Inventors’.

‘The Inventors’ was inspired by Aspex Summer exhibition Push & Pull from the artist Will Cruickshank, who created work through the use of hand-made machines and jigs. Three artists were commissioned by Aspex to act as inventors, and developed new work for presentation at Victorious Festival 2018.

Matt Gurr, a BA (Hons) Illustration student was one of the students who worked alongside the artists and staff at Aspex for The Inventors. Matt gives an account of his experience below:

The project began with us meeting a variety of creative industry professionals in masterclasses, followed by an opportunity for one-to-one mentoring with staff at Aspex, who enabled the project to happen, before we all worked together on the showcase activity at Victorious festival.

As part of the project, I assisted Oliver Tubb, Marketing and Communications Manager at Aspex, which gave me the opportunity to help curate the social media and content for The Inventors website.  I also worked with the artists to deliver news articles and interviews, photographed them and did a social media takeover! @Aspex_TakePart.  You can hear me talking about the project in Strong Island‘s The Inventors film at 2mins 47secs.

I spoke to fellow Project Ambassador and Masters Illustration student Livy Nelson about her time on the project.

“It was great to meet people in the creative field and hear about their experiences. It was also exciting to work with other artists and find out how they work and how they applied that to their work for The Inventors”

For students interested in getting involved at Aspex, they offer a variety of volunteer positions all year round, from exhibitions, curation, marketing and retail.

Being part of Aspex Gallery means that you are able to join in and lend a helping hand in the many workshops that attract people of all ages.  Be it Family Saturdays and Holiday Art Club for children on their summer break, Evolve and Generate helping disabled and elderly participants to Outreach programmes with the mobile learning studio, they are consistently making a positive impact on the local community.

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Feel free to follow our progress on social media whilst studying at the University of Portsmouth.

Olivia Nelson: Instagram @Livyhasnolife

Matthew Gurr: Twitter @TeddyIllustration

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