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Portsmouth research praised as an example of UK industrial innovation

An engineering research project from the University of Portsmouth is being praised as an example of UK industrial innovation in the 2018 Parliamentary Review, which aims to share best practice among policy makers and business leaders.

(L-r) Lynsey Plockyn, Head of Engineering, Dr Shibli, managing director of ETD, Professor Graham Galbraith, Vice-Chancellor of University of Portsmouth and Dr Sarinova Simandjuntak.

Researchers from the University’s School of Engineering worked with European Technology Development Ltd (ETD) to develop a portable precision hardness tester known as ‘Smart Sleeve’, which heralds a new era in on-site inspection of industrial plant components.

The ‘Smart Sleeve’ is a levelling system for portable hardness testers that can be used for on-site inspection of power generation components, such as boiler piping, headers and other components.  The accuracy of the hardness measurement is crucial in the determination or prediction of the high temperature integrity and life of such systems.

The project was fully funded by ETD and involved four University staff – Dr Sarinova Simandjuntak (as Principal Investigator), Dr Ioannis Kagalidis, Andrew Farrar (technical staff) and Research Assistant, Farzaneh Azizi.

Dr Sarinova Simandjuntak, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and project lead, said: “Smart sleeve is a knowledge transfer activity that focuses on design optimisation to exploit inspection and monitoring technology for a more accurate and efficient plant life management, particularly in power generation sector. The project has also enabled our students to engage closely with industry and to understand the industry’s best practice.”

Dr Ahmed Shibli, Managing Director of ETD Ltd, said: “We were very pleased with our first close collaboration with the University of Portsmouth. Dr Simandjuntak and her team did exemplary work and provided a product that is proving to be very useful for our industry clients. We would like to extend this University-industry collaboration further for the future requirements of our industry clients.”

The University has previously collaborated with ETD in the organisation of the international High-Temperature Defect Assessment (HIDA-7) Conference, which was attended by delegates from national and international industry and research organisations. As a result of the development of the smart sleeve, ETD recruited one of the University’s postgraduate students Baginda Afendy who had worked on this project.

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