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Cake for Freshers!

During Freshers’ Week Chaplaincy provides a series of welcome events on the ground floor of the Nuffield Building for new students at the University.  The aim is to bring people together in a relaxed, fun, safe and inclusive environment. We try to create a warm welcome for all – a little home from home.

The activities are all free and include mug-painting, a pop-up Chaplaincy in a Shed at Fresher’s Fayre, a lunchtime walk and guided tour of a local Cathedral, and a film afternoon.

However, one of the essential ingredients for the whole week is CAKE! If anyone would like to donate a cake to welcome new students and help them feel at home here in the UK or at the University your help would be gratefully received.  Bake it yourself or buy it in a shop – we don’t mind which.  Then drop it off in Chaplaincy (the office or the kitchen) in advance, or anytime during Fresher’s Week.

If you decide to go the extra mile and ‘home bake’ (for the additional blessing and yum factor) would you please also supply a list of the ingredients found within your baking for the purposes of allergen and dietary requirements.

Thank you and get baking!

The Chaplaincy Team

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