Portsmouth City Council Residential Parking Consultation – open until 20 September

Portsmouth City Council is currently consulting on two Residents’ Parking Zones (MB and MC) in Southsea as part of a rolling programme of permit parking across the city.

Consultation is open until 20 September 2018 and any comments can be emailed to engineers@portsmouthcc.gov.uk by this date.

Letters have been sent by the council to all properties in these areas with information on the proposals. For further information about the consultation please view the Portsmouth City Council Website.

Further information for students on bringing a car to Portsmouth can be found on MyPort.

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  1. If the City Council’s objective is to improve parking for its citizens, then this scheme, in my humble opinion, is the most ineffectual way of achieving that gaol. Of course, if this parking scheme is simply the manifestation of an ongoing ideological battle, or indeed the triumph of vanity over duty amongst our public servants, then no amount of constructive thought regarding an alternative approach will have any mileage whatsoever.
    Nevertheless, I would suggest the following:
    A wander around the streets of this city will reveal myriad examples of thoughtless or incompetent parking. However, if individual vehicle parking bays were clearly defined along each and every street, and parking in those bays were rigorously enforced, (£30.00 per infraction, for example), I would calculate that an increase in parking capacity of at least 30% could be achieved across the city.
    (Needless to say, I have suggested this before).

    In any event, I wish you to note my disagreement to the scheme you propose in my road, (Chetwynd), and to the existing schemes citywide.
    Simon Sykes

  2. This proposal is just re-establishing a zone (MC) that did nothing to improve the overall parking situation in this area of Portsmouth vis a vis the first time it came into being. While charging this time for all permits might seem to make sense for cash strapped CC it just shows it is unaffordable and unworkable it actually is.
    Yet again we will see the problem merely moved on with those residents in this zone not paying the charge for the 2nd or 3rd permit but merely parking them in the no permit area. While legal it does nothing for the situation and fuels anti feeling among the community.
    Having taken part in numerous council meetings, debates and a workshop in the council buildings I see no leadership or new ideas, just a dogmatic sticking to poor thinking. A radical approach to this issue is required which will undoubtedly not be a vote winner at least in the short term but this should not be the issue. If the CC really wants to make a difference have a city wide single permit scheme that everyone has to pay for. I do concede that this would in all likelihood lead to the loss of institutions such as The Kings Theatre in Albert Road but this does not seem to bother the CC. Ban commercial vehicles from parking overnight in residential streets – the CC could even have a vehicle park in one of the unused areas on a local industrial estates and pay for security etc by charging the owners of the business. They in turn could pass this cost on to their customers, it would be minimal.

    I am completely against this reinstatement proposed for the MC scheme.


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