Quizzical staff members chase win on TV quiz shows

When you have finished a long day at work, most people like to relax, watch TV, or go to the gym. Some of our staff prefer a more mental workout and spend their spare time training their brains to appear on televised quiz shows.

Both Louise Broadbent from Information services and Sarah Cole from Finance have become quiz addicts and appeared on multiple TV shows, turning the experience into quite a hobby.

Louise, a Quiz Mastermind

Louise is currently studying a PhD and still finds time to test out her knowledge on quiz shows such as Mastermind. In her school years a presentation in front of her peers would have been terrifying, but a good old fashioned quiz was always in her comfort zone where she could show off her knowledge.

After encouragement from friends Louise applied for Mastermind and was accepted. She found it was a very intense experience with quick fire questions, which enable you to shut out the audience and focus on your answers. The Mastermind team must have been impressed as they asked Louise to come back a second time, where she won Round of the Week, and even a third time, which Louise had to reject due to focusing on her PhD.

After becoming hooked on the quiz show experience Louise is now gearing up to be on ITV’s The Chase, which is being filmed in the autumn. The application process this time around was very different as The Chase is more comedic so they select interesting candidates that would perform well on the show. Louise passed every stage of the application, which involved auditions and interviews to camera where she intrigued the decision makers with her interest in amateur astronomy and her involvement in London-based Dracula society.

Sarah Vs ‘The Beast’

Sarah first became hooked on quizzing after appearing on Pointless, hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, with a colleague.

When asked what made her apply to her first quiz show, she said: “I love quiz shows and Pointless is one of my favourites. I always watched them and wondered what it was like behind the scenes. Also to see if I could win some money and test my brain power, which hasn’t always gone to plan!”

Sarah impressed with her application and audition on Pointless but made a ‘faux pas’ when she got carried away with the excitement and told her teammate how Alexander Armstrong’s eyes were “so dark you could sink into them” while her microphone was on, meaning the whole crew including Alexander could hear her admiring comment.

However, this didn’t put her off and Sarah has also appeared on Tenable and The Chase, so she knows what Louise can expect. While comedian and host, Bradley Walsh, was able to put the contestants at ease by introducing himself and making jokes in between sets this couldn’t stop Sarah’s horror at being put against a fiery Chaser known as ‘The Beast’.

Despite being beaten by her favourite Chaser, he wasn’t quite as scary as his usual reputation suggests and the overall experience was a positive one. Sarah’s advice for Louise when she appears on The Chase is to “enjoy the moment, support your team and go through your application again for conversation opener ideas with Bradley. And wear something comfy!”

See how Sarah performed on Tenable, along with other University of Portsmouth staff members when it airs and keep an eye out for Louise on The Chase sometime next year.

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